Using Your Smartphone Camera For xVideo

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  • These days, most of us are feeling more comfortable with taking regular photographs with our smartphone cameras but there is still some hesitation when we use them for xvideo. However, mobile devices have come a very long way in just a short period of time and you really can capture great xvideo along with those still pics. Here are a few basic tips to get you started.

    • Hold your smartphone horizontally
    • We are used to taking stills with our camera in the vertical position, just like we use our smartphones to talk, text and surf the Web. For xvideo though, you will get better results when you turn your smartphone and hold it horizontally. Try some sample xvideo taken both ways and see the difference. This also eliminates those black bars on the side of xvideos that you see when you upload and share online.
    • Keep it short
    • You can film as much as you like but then edit the xvideo down to a shorter timeframe. The exception is if you are recording a presentation of some sort or your child’s dance recital, etc. If you plan on sharing online, consider editing to include just the highlights.
    • Manage the volume
    • If you are holding the device, your voice and other nearby sounds will be much louder than those further away. If you are trying to capture audio along with your xvideo, make sure that you stay quiet while filming and eliminate other extraneous noise.
    • No zooming
    • When you use your smartphone’s zoom, it enhances camera shake and reduces image quality. You can always crop the xvideo later as an alternative.
    • Make sure there is enough light
    • Make sure you have enough light so that your xvideo can be seen. What we see with our own eyes is not what we will see on xvideo. Too much light is usually not as much of an issue.

    These simple tips can help you get started using your mobile device to capture xvideo. Take plenty of practice xvideos, so you know what you’re doing when it comes time to capture something special. Remember, with a smartphone you can simply delete xvideos you don’t like and try again.

    Have you successfully used your smartphone to take xvideo?

Posted on May 8, 2013

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